Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beginning of a Change

I was recently a part of something that I believe is the beginning of a change. My good friend and I recently facilitated a three-part workshop series titled "Woman & Spirit Series". When we first began planning for these events, I wasn't sure what to expect. But what transpired throughout the course of these three evenings was nothing short of miraculous. Let me tell you what I saw:

I saw a small sampling of women who are eager to soak up spiritual knowledge like sponges. Women who were brave, who overcame their inhibitions, and who, possibly unknowingly, behaved like warriors. These women surprised me with how open they became, and how willing they were to try something new. They closed their eyes and just listened - to themselves, to their own energy, to each other, and to that Divine presence ~ the one that is always there, and who speaks to us, even when we aren't listening.

One of the most beautiful moments throughout these workshops was when we chanted through our chakras, and we all joined as one, in voice and in spirit. It was an amazing feeling. Each woman present, in all the workshops, brought to us a unique energy: personal life experience, knowledge, a questioning nature, a gentle soul, a joyous presence, an inner strength, a loving heart, a quiet spirit, a wicked sense of humour, a knowing smile ... and so much more.

There is so much that I was able to witness, and so many moments that I am still reviewing in my mind ... I am sure I will be writing more about my observations in the future .... But for now, alas, I must return to the momentum of my day ... my son is awake from his nap, and is quite certain that he is ready to come out of his room ;o)

Until next time, love and light ~ Nicole


  1. I'm so glad! I have wondered how your workshops went. You have indeed brought change to a group...they will take your teachings and spread them further. As you said, they are warriors, whether they know it or not. It took courage...for you and for them.Beautiful post, Nicole!

    Enjoy your son!

  2. The sacred entity of a healing circle in which each person's uniqueness contributes to the witness of power for the group, is an awesome experience. And family life is its own healing circle!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Marion, Thank you Miruh :o)

    You have both inspired me with your writing and your Spirit to strive for more, to live in the moment, to savour each and every part of life.