Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honoured Cycles

There are times in your life when you will have great lessons to learn, spiritual messages to decipher and new practices to try. And there are times in your life when you may not require anything at all. Sometimes you are merely needed to be a support to others. As a woman, I can tell you these times are a part of the cycles of our lives. There is great importance to the daily, monthly and annual cycles we experience. To honour these cycles is to accept them, and to accept them is to surrender.

For months I have personally been striving to accept the cycles bestowed upon me. I had figured out that there are times that we feel fantastic, full of energy and life. There are times when we feel tired and quiet and almost mournful. There are times when it is right to turn our focus outward in order to connect with others and to offer our support and our energy to them. Wholly Completely and with only good intention.

I feel that this is a time for me to offer support to the ones I love, by simply being there for them. It feels incredibly natural right now to offer this support ... there is no hesitation, no discomfort in the idea of offering my hands to others instead of turning them back towards myself.

This is the first time in my life when, instead of feeling bored during a lull in my personal growth, I feel truly attuned to the possibility of what I can do for others. The miracle for me here is that after months of talking about honouring my cycles, monthly, annually and daily, I finally feel connected to this idea.

Allow yourself to accept where you are, right now, with no apologies and no worries. Honour your cycles and be true to your inner self.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sensing the Energy of Another

It can be so easy to allow negative aspects of our world to get to us. There is a fine line between practicing loving-kindness and allowing people to walk all over you. Perhaps this is why so many people seem to throw up walls of defense all around themselves. The fear of being hurt by another human being, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or energetic, this can truly paralyse the sensitive one. Even if one has managed to balance kindness while maintaining an energetic defense, hurt can sometimes come from an unexpected source. When you practice energy work, such as Reiki, Healing Touch or Spiritual Healing, you learn how sensitive humans truly are ...

If one can become aware of energy, to a point where one is feeling more than seeing, hearing or touching, how could this change the way we relate to one another? My Utopian vision is that we would become much more honest with each other - there would be no fooling around when you ask the question "How are you?". Lying would become a faded memory, and truth would be natural. We would be able to feel the shift in another person's energy when talking about something uncomfortable. We would sense the hesitation, the fear, the doubt, the despair, the sadness ... but we would also sense the joy, the abundance, the openness and ultimately the Greatness of life. All. The. Time. Could you imagine this world?

My Utopian vision isn't so far fetched, when you think about it. You could very easily make an effort ~today~ to tune in to the people you come in contact with. Be more sensitive to what they are saying with their whole selves. Use your own energy to uplift another person. A simple smile will do it ... hold the door for another ... give someone a compliment ... drive with more awareness ... be patient with the ones you love ... and most of all be good to your own self.

Within the smallest actions lie the greatest secrets to life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


My wonderful mother in law gave me two beautiful quartz crystal pendants this year. I have long believed in the power and presence of crystals. I find they have the ability to change energy ... rose quartz brings much love and dispels negativity .... Amethyst calms anxiety and can help with psychic endeavors ... Citrine brings so much warmth, sunshine and light that it shines into the darkest places within us.

Recently, however, one of these aforementioned quartz crystals taught me something new. This particular stone has seven additional gems affixed to its' front, in a vertical line, to represent the chakras. I have heard that quartz has the ability to amplify the energy of its' wearer, as well as those surrounding. I learned this lesson directly from the quartz the other day ...

I was in the grocery store, and had accidentally abandoned my cart near the end of the aisle, while I wrangled my kids back from the other end. I hurried the children along, and as I was leaving the aisle I passed by a man who was waiting for me to move. He gave me the blank stare that people give when someone is slowing them down - you know the one. I gave a quick smile and moved along ... but from him I felt something sudden and unexpected. I felt a sharp pang of hatred and bitter anger, directly in my heart chakra. I pick up on peoples' energy all the time, we all do, but this felt much different. I felt what he was feeling. I got into the next aisle and stopped for a moment to recognize what had happened and to centre myself.

Liscious gave me many suggestions when I told her what had happened. She said to put white, protecting light around myself if I was going to wear it, and to meditate with the crystal to gain the lesson. She said to remember that my own energy will be amplified when I wear it. I took her advice and practiced all these things before leaving the house wearing the other crystal. This time I noticed peoples' reactions to my energy. Many people gave me the blank stare, but I didn't feel any negative energy this time - thank goodness.

There is so much I have to learn about energy, crystals, the aura and much much more. I hope that in 2010 I can begin incorporating my spiritual life more into my everyday life. I am ready to put myself out there, I am ready to truly let my light shine, and to encourage and enable others to do the same.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Share the Magic

Welcome to the first day of the new year ~ 2010!

I sense that this year will, of course, bring many changes to many people. I have been feeling a spiritual uprising lately, as many of us have. A lot can happen in a year. A lot can change in a year. I propose a challenge to you:

In 2010, do not be afraid to show your spiritual colours. Happiness, Joy, Tranquillity and Love are contagious! And in all religions, these feelings are godly. When you give a friend spiritual insight on their situation, you give a great gift to see the bigger picture. Don't be afraid to see the synchronicity in things ... these stories, these messages, deserve your attention. When you dream of an eagle for nights in a row, then actually see an eagle when you are awake - take notice!

Let us all start a wave of magic starting today.