Thursday, November 19, 2009


Have you ever failed? Have you ever taken a risk to do something, putting yourself out there, only to have unexpected results? Have you ever set out on a particular path with visions of success on your mind, and gone on to experience nothing but "failure"? We are so petrified of trying new things sometimes ~ the idea of failing can seem so unbearable, and we often avoid situations that don't seem safe enough for us.

From the time we are children, so much energy is focused on our successes, but how much time do we spend talking with our children about their mistakes? It is important for adult and child alike to review situations, positive or negative, and glean the lesson from them. And it is okay to admit that you failed at something!

I have always believed that we learn best from our mistakes. There is no more powerful lesson than the one that pushes our Ego down to the ground. There is no more powerful lesson than the one that completely changes our expectations, and forces us to think in a new way. Sometimes, life lessons lie more in the getting there than the being there, although there are times for each on their own.

If you see yourself beginning to fail at something, don't struggle against it. Centre yourself, and look at the situation objectively. Try sitting with the feeling of "failure" ~ how does it make you feel physically? Try meditating on the feeling of "failure" ~ sometimes it is easier to clear your mind when you feel defeated. Visualize all the pressure you put on yourself disappearing, because there is nothing to fear now that the fear has been realized.

Try to remember that failing is an opportunity to learn something new. Failures may lead you to a completely different path than the one you've been on ... and that could be a very good thing.

Be at peace ~ Nicole

*This blog post was inspired by The Naked Soul blog post: Let's Kick Some Buts!

Thank you for getting me inspired this morning Mark!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spreading Light and Love

Sometimes I feel as though I should have been born in the 60's or even the 70's. I think many of us feel a strong connection to the era in which we were born. The music, the culture, the clothing, the attitudes. Even in utero these things have an effect on the unborn, we all know this. The question I'd like to pose to you is this: What memories or longings will the babies of today experience? What is our culture? What positive things can we glean from the state of the world today, in this moment? Let's put aside all the doom and gloom that tends to be placed on environment, economy, and all our other "ails".

I personally have been feeling an uplifting in terms of spirituality lately. You can say it's the economy, you can say it's the state of world affairs, you can say it's about time! But people are beginning to "look up", and I believe that only good things can come from this. Can we collectively become better people by consciously setting out that intention? Can we make an oath right now to spiritually evolve to the point where all of these problems fall to the wayside? If I can do it, you can do it. If I tell all my friends and family about it, can you tell all your friends and family about it? What is it exactly that I want to accomplish?

I want to change the memories we are creating for ourselves, because every time someone talks negatively about where our path is leading, they are creating energy. They are manifesting the doom and gloom, and every person who believes what is being said reinforces this energy. So, let's create something new. Let's have more faith in ourselves, and in the Universe, God, Allah, Goddess ... Where do we want to be?

I'll tell you what I see. I see a world where we all talk to each other, strangers or not. I see a world where someone sees another person who looks sad or unhappy, and tries to help them to feel good again. I see a world where we are all aware of our subtle bodies, and recognize that communication is happening on many many levels, aside from the physical. I see a world where we love each other, and celebrate our separateness as humans, yet always know that we are all one. We are all connected. I see a world where every person has a chance to have food in their bellies, shelter over their heads, clothing on their backs and love in their hearts. I see joy and celebration everywhere! I see every single person on this planet becoming aware of the most important things: Love, Compassion, Understanding, Happiness.

I always love to receive comments, and today I am asking you to join the discussion. Please tell me what you see in our future. We all have a voice, it's about time we all contribute to this discussion!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Sound

Sound is something we tend to be comfortable with when we are not the ones making it. When put on the spot to sing a song, many people feel incredibly uncomfortable. But when we sing alone, certain that no one is listening, it feels good. What many of us don’t think about is that sound can feel good, but it doesn’t always have to sound good.

We can use our voice as an instrument to facilitate an emotional release. These noises may not sound pretty. They might sound deep, guttural, primal, soft, weak, or uninhibited. If you can summon up all your feelings and channel them into sound, it can be a very powerful way to rid yourself of unwanted emotions, to create new energy, or to simply get you to think differently about yourself.

If you are interested in experimenting with sound, try something simple that you can really surrender to, such as Om chants:

Close your eyes. Get yourself into a meditative space (Try the meditation from my previous post!
Growing Buddha Nature )

When you are ready, begin with your first Om. The O and the M should be spoken at about the same length OOO MMM

Take a deep breath, form your mouth into a large O and allow the sound to release, closing your mouth to say the M.

Make as many Oms as you like. Try making the sound last a little longer each time. Really breathe in deeply at the end of each Om. You might like to practice in your shower, where the acoustics are good, or in your car, or in the forest; wherever you feel comfortable making lots of noise. Om chants are especially beautiful in a group, or even with just one other person. You can create a space of exceptionally good energy by practicing Om chants.

Enjoy the sounds of your day …

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing Buddha Nature

I recently read about a beautiful meditation called "Growing Buddha Nature". To be enlightened means to be free of all negative thought, and to be filled with all positive thought.

If you would like to practice this meditation:

Get into your comfortable seated position ~ preferably on the ground, cross legged, hands resting on your knees, palms up. Bring your index finger and thumb together to form an O. Spine straight but relaxed.

Breathe comfortably, counting your breath on the exhale. Count to 10 this way. Focus on the quiet space at the end of your exhale. Enter into that quiet space a little more each time.

When you are ready, visualize a seed of light. This light is filled with compassion, love, understanding, kindness ~ all good, positive things. Visualize the seed entering your third eye ~ the space between your eyebrows. Focus on the seed moving slowly down through each chakra. Feel the good feelings ... love, compassion, joy, understanding.

Try focusing on one emotion at a time. Imagine yourself in a situation, practicing kindness, feeling love for someone, being joyful in the moment.

Imagine this seed growing larger and larger inside of you, filling you with golden light. Immerse yourself in the peaceful feeling of positivity.

You now have a Growing Buddha Nature. Feed this feeling with positivity every day. Just like anything that grows, it requires time, love and patience. If you are feeling negative at any time during your day, remember this Growing Buddha Nature is inside of you now. You can activate the feeling of well-being any time you desire.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Opportunity Exists Everywhere

I have always lived my life in a way where things happen to me. Opportunities present themselves front and centre, and I take advantage of them. I don't have any diplomas or degrees, I don't have a particular pull into any one direction, and I often feel like a child who is asking "What do I want to be when I grow up?" In my heart, I know that I am always where I am supposed to be, but there is sometimes a nagging feeling that I should be pushing, striving for more.

During meditation this morning, the message was "Opportunity Exists Everywhere".

What does this mean exactly? When you read this phrase, how does it make you feel? Are you desensitized to this sort of spiritual language? Did you say "Yeah, yeah, okay, let's move on"? Did you read it and dismiss it? Do you know what it means to say "Opportunity Exists Everywhere"? It means that your life is an always open doorway to expanded consciousness. One of the problems with this phrase is that we humans have a tendency to search, to make sense of, to rationalize. This journeying way of being makes it quite difficult to choose a path definitively. Seeking out opportunity can feel like you are committing yourself to a particular path, without knowing exactly what will come of it. And will you be ruling out other options by choosing one way? A genuine leap of faith.

It is difficult to choose a path because we don't know if we will succeed or fail. But the beauty is that the lesson lies in the experience. It is easy to get caught up in the modern thoughts of our society. Progressive, results-based, looks good on paper: We approve of all these things. But someone who searches for more simple things, such as love, understanding, knowledge, peace, compassion, is often cast off as being unimportant. Why is it these important universal truths are dismissed by so many of us? Even the constant spiritualist can only live in the moment of these lessons for a short period before returning to the "real world", and nearly relinquishing their right to enjoy these moments. But these lessons are actually memories, and that is why they resonate so strongly for us. Before moving onto the next thing, try sitting in the feeling of love, understanding, knowledge, peace, compassion. Sit down and truly feel it, and in turn feel the opportunities that exist everywhere.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Embracing the In-Between

I can truly feel the air is changing now ... last night as I stood in my backyard, I looked up to the beautiful moon spreading her glow onto the earth. There were thin clouds slipping through the sky, veiling her though only serving to enhance her light. It spread like a halo all around her ... and it was coloured like a rainbow. I knew I was to "see" something ... and I started to truly focus on the splendid sight of the moon. It seemed as though the moon was beginning to vibrate and I knew I was about to see or feel something from her ... and that is when my puppy, Tetley, jumped up on me saying, "Hey! That's enough. I'm right here. Stay in the moment". I laughed at her bid for my attention, but I don't let things like that get away from me too quickly. The message I am getting is to just Wait.

You see, as of late, I have been feeling itchy. I am experiencing one of those in-between times: Last week, last month, my life was incredibly busy. I was not thinking about what would happen once Halloween was over, and our Halloween circle has been delayed for one week as we are each overwhelmed in obligation right now. I have been getting the message that not every moment can be certain. That these lulls can be a perfect breeding ground for insight and transformation. Perhaps I should be gathering my strength.

We are definitely on the cusp of Winter here in Cariboo Country, and I've learned from past years to get ready for it. This year I am ready for nesting, baking up a storm, crafting while the kids are asleep, getting ready for Solstice. Going into myself more ... but this year I'd like to offer more too. I want to give love of myself wholly, to my husband, my children, our cat and dog ... and of course my family and friends. Perhaps this lull in the action is what is most needed in order to get to the place that I'd like to be in.

Now is the time to embrace what we already have: a home, a family, a community. Simple things, but we all know they are the reason behind all that we do in these human lives. Whether that was our original intent, I'll not know this time around. But let's just enjoy it all! For now, while we build up our energy for the next phase ...