Saturday, February 27, 2010

Energetic Parasites

In the past month, I have been plagued with two sinus infections. Just before the first one occurred, my dad reminded me that he has had chronic sinusitis for all of his adult life. My mom reminded me that her mother also has sinus issues, and simply cannot smell for ten months out of the year.

During the first bout of sinusitis, I wanted to simply be rid of the annoyance of snuffling constantly, having to prop my head up high while I slept, and waking up three times per night to clear my head. I asked my body "What are you trying to tell me?" But no answer came, that I could hear. I tried meditating, I tried steaming my face several times a day, and I took decongestants. The infection finally subsided, and I was so happy to have the freedom to breathe again, to drink my morning cup of black tea again, and to generally feel healthy once more.

Unfortunately the sinus infection returned about two weeks later. I chalked it up to the stress of facilitating a three-part series of workshops for women ~ the first workshops I have ever in my life helped to present. I asked my body again "What are you trying to tell me?" I tried to settle myself into the dull ache inside the cavities of my skull, asking "Why?" At first, I only received the message "Communication". It took about a week of constantly analysing the situation, and asking, over and over, to feel the beginnings of a breakthrough.

I finally had a strange dream where there was some creature swimming beneath the skin of the back of my wrist. I cut open the back of my hand to reveal a cream coloured, sharp, determined looking parasite. For hours the following day, I knew this was a message my body was trying to relate to me ... and finally it dawned on me: Energetic Parasites.

I have always believed, to some degree, that we hold onto certain memories and experiences from our parents, grandparents, ancestors and so on. The realization was that the hereditary issues that we get stuck with are energetic parasites, leaching onto our energetic bodies without our knowledge. What if we have a choice to rid ourselves of the imminent susceptibility to certain family illnesses ~ corns on our feet, cancer, bad backs, chronic headaches, heart attacks, strokes, and so many other illnesses.

For me, once I had these realizations, I was unsure of how to approach my own situation. So I asked my higher self for guidance during meditation. It always amazes me that if I ask a question, I almost always receive an answer - as long as I am fully willing to hear that answer. This time the answer didn't come in words, but in feelings and urgings. I felt an urge to chant the sounds for each chakra, so I did from Root to Crown: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, AUM, NG

Buzzing with the energy and the vibration, I could see a line of white light coming into my crown chakra, going all the way through my bodies and chakras, and sending white light in horizontal lines through all the layers of my auric field, and exiting through the Root chakra going back into the earth. As the light penetrated my aura, I could feel it clearing away these parasites, prying them off and sending that energy back to the earth, the divine, the universe.

My sinus infection began fading incredibly quickly after doing this work. I am no longer in pain, and I have no fear of a recurring infection. I simply know that the parasites are weakened, if not completely gone. I get the feeling that this process would need to be repeated regularly, to ensure that any energetic parasites truly lose their grip on the fabric of my energy. But I feel such a sense of amazement at the intricate nature of our energy, how much we pick up from people, places, and circumstances. It all matters, every moment truly contributes to how we live today, in this moment.

I'm not sure where these realizations will lead, but I am excited by the journey! And I am open to all the new possibilities, discoveries and realizations that await us in the future.


  1. Hello Nicole,

    The self-inquiry is the healing itself. I believe that we do carry many impressions unconsciously. To be able to let go of what doesn't serve us through a process as you describe is a gift we give ourselves. We can break the cycle of pain whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

    Thanks for sharing. Your commitment to your healing is inspiring.

  2. Hi Miruh!

    Yes! I believe that when you bring mindfulness to an idea, thought or situation, you are already bringing in positive energy for that thing.

    Thank you for your comment - as always I appreciate your kind words!


  3. This is wonderful. Personally, this is why I love chakra work so much - because it can provide an archetype for surfacing and releasing energetic patterns. I feel there are 'levels' to this work, and it unfolds physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Yours is a powerful story of one that manifested physically...
    I was reading in a book recently by Cyndi Dale (a chakra healer) about epigenetics, and her belief that we can re-write or redirect our DNA through energy work...intereting stuff.

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Reading your writeups on chakras was one of the things that piqued my interest more. I got one of your book recommendations: Anatomy of the Spirit. What a great book. This is the beginning of a new chapter in healing for me!

    This book by Cyndi Dale sounds like just what I need right now! Thank you!

  5. Oh, Nicole...I'm so sorry you were suffering from a nasty sinus infection, but isn't it amazing what great stuff came as a result of it!

    I hope your Workshops went well...I thought of you and your friend!

    Chakra work is one of the most amazing tools I've ever discovered. I loved your descriptions...very well done!

    A wonderful post!