Monday, September 29, 2008

What the Full Moon promises, the New Moon delivers

What the Full Moon promises the New Moon delivers.
This means that plans will soon be realized! I love trying to live in sync with nature. I am becoming much more forgiving towards myself and others.
I'm starting to gear up for Halloween! Witch's New Year baby. I am ready to welcome the darker part of the year; to go into the deeper parts of myself and come out of it with knowledge. And, of course, to prepare for Winter Solstice - To welcome the light again!
Life is exciting every day, because every day is a new beginning. Give yourself a new beginning.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am who I am

I really feel that there are some exciting things just over the horizon for me. I turned 30 recently, and I had an epiphany. For ten years now, I've been yearning to be this person ... living a spiritual life, putting myself out there and letting people know exactly what I am about inside. I am now taking action. Why not BE that person? Why not NOW? I don't have to wait for anything. And I am not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid of what people will think, but I'm not out to "prove" anything either. I simply am who I am.

YOU can be who you are too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Voice I'm Looking For

Often when I am feeling weakness, I read books in order to gain strength and a new perspective on issues I am facing. While reading helps me to become inspired, it does not bring me into contact with the voice I am looking for.

The best way for me to find strength is to look for it within my own self. And when I touch upon that great voice, it is the voice of a woman, and not one of a man. It is a voice of love, compassion and nurture. I can tell you all about it, but the only way for you to truly know it, is to experience it for yourself. To get to that place, do something that keeps you immediately in the present, directly in the NOW. You are responsible for yourself.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Making Time

It's only been a couple of days, but I am feeling energized. I have been more mindful of getting that meditation time in. I feel like I am contemplating while meditating. I find I'm able to sit for about 5 - 10 minutes, which is a long time! I do a few yoga stretches first so I'll be comfortable sitting. I sit cross legged with a blanket on my legs, and I close my eyes. I try to let my thoughts escape from my mind, I try to let them go. I'm thinking about waking up before the kids do, and using that time to meditate, to contemplate.

I am starting to feel better. I'm trying to listen to myself, but sometimes I wonder if I'll recognize my own voice ... Would you recognize yours?

Monday, September 15, 2008

I am.

I am a healer. We all are. I genuinely want to help people to help themselves.

I did a ritual last night with White Chocolate and Unc. I am ready to be my spiritual self, wherever I am and whomever I'm with. I want to put my real self out there so that when someone needs help, they know they can come to me.

But to be completely honest, I'm having a bit of trouble connecting lately, and I'm wondering if there is an energy blockage somewhere. It is common to feel this way when you overcome a hurdle through spiritual healing. I am going to meditate for five minutes a day to start. And hopefully that will make a difference.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What if I could live every moment of my life in perfect clarity? What if I could be mindful in everything I do? What if I could be the person I've always wanted to be?
But imperfection exists to allow us to recognize perfection when we see it.
What is perfection to you?
Perfection to me is that crystal clear moment of silence. When my thoughts are temporarily absent and I can hear the heartbeat of the universe. When I realize the illusion.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Work to Live, Don't Live to Work

Yesterday I took the morning off! Got a haircut, tried on clothes and bought some makeup for myself! It is a luxury for me to be able to have a little bit of time to myself. But it is not just a luxury for me, a stay-at-home Mom, it is a luxury for most of us.

I think we all need time to connect to our inner selves. Being relaxed is absolutely key to getting to that place within, and we all deserve to be there. So the next time you hear yourself saying "I just don't have the time for that", turn it around, break the cycle and indulge yourself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is approaching. It takes place this year on September 22nd, but I will be celebrating early. The night before the Full Moon. This will be our harvest ritual, and I am excited to celebrate the great Summer we had, and to prepare for the oncoming Winter.

I feel the urge to sit and watch the aspen leaves twittering on their branches ... the last twitters before they undergo the change and fall to the ground. I feel the need to braid the long pieces of grass that bravely grew where they weren't supposed to. There are hundreds of mushrooms growing now, and I feel that the fairies probably dance there at night. I ask my toddler not to step on them. Then again, if she feels the urge to do so, maybe there is something I'm not hearing. Something only a child could hear.

The end of the year approaches too, and I am excited to celebrate halloween. I feel so much more connected when I celebrate the Sabbats. I have always noticed that I behave certain ways at certain times throughout the year. This year, I am planning on harnessing my energy when it is up (like it is now) and drawing on that power when it is needed (in February).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Make it mean something!

I feel a change in energy lately. I feel a shift coming on and I feel it is time to renew our priorities, as a species.
It's time to stop ignoring the person walking towards you on the sidewalk. Say hello instead!
It's time to really say thank you when a stranger helps you out.
It's time to breathe new life deep into your belly, and to exhale all the junk you've been keeping there.
All these things sound trivial written here. Acting out your kindess makes them mean something.