Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pelican Spirit Guides

Last night, I spotted a flock of pelicans from my living room window.  They were riding an air current together, and looked as though they were floating on water.  It was such an unusual sight to see here in the suburbs that I figured it must be the Universe, trying to get my attention.  In my favourite animal totem book "Animal Spirit Guides", by Steven Farmer, this is what it said:

"If PELICAN shows up:

This is an opportunity to forgive either yourself or someone else and release any built-up guilt or resentment. 
It's time to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down - whether possessions, emotions or mental strife.
Go ahead and take the plunge with respect to the opportunity that has recently presented itself.
Focus on cooperating with others, rather than competing, particularly concerning any project you're involved with right now.

Call on PELICAN when:

You're feeling resentful or angry toward someone and you want to release it and lighten up.
You're feeling overcome with heavy emotions and want to rise above them.
There's an opportunity before you that looks, sounds, and feels right, but you need to move on it soon and trust that it's the right choice.
You're faced with some trials and tribulations and need to keep your head held high."

If this speaks to you, and you do want to channel Pelican wisdom, here are some ways of doing so:

  • Try visualizing Pelican in your mind.  Focus on details such as the way they fly, what they look like, particularly the shape of their wings and beaks.
  • try simply speaking to Pelican in your mind:  Dear Pelican Spirit Guide, please help me to channel your wisdom so that I may forgive myself and others, free myself, and release my pent-up emotions
  • Search Pelican on the internet, find an image you like and print it out ~ hang it somewhere that it can inspire you several times a day.
Light & Love, Nicole