Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspiration: What is Your Role?

Inspiration: Where does it come from, and do you have to participate? Messages are there for us all the time, but it is up to us to look deeply into these messages to discover their meaning. It is also up to us to act on our gut instinct and follow that feeling, wherever it leads us. I was reading "Jack and the Beanstalk" to my kids the other day, and it got me thinking about inspiration too ... you might even say it inspired me to write this post!

In the story, Jack and his mother are forced to sell their only source of income, their milk cow, out of dire necessity. The only possibility the Mom could think of was "sell the cow so we can eat". When Jack returns home, having traded the cow for "magic beans", she becomes incredibly upset, throws the beans out the window and sends Jack to bed with no supper. The beanstalk grows overnight. Jack, being a boy, climbs to the top to discover a very rich giant. He steals the valuable and magical items, urged on by a fairy who tells him the giant stole these items from Jack's father.

Jack must have had a moment of inspiration in order for him to trade the cow, their only source of income, for five magic beans. Surely he realized his mother might not be impressed!Sometimes it takes another person to help you recognize those inspired thoughts. Had Jack's mother not thrown the beans out the window, they might have cooked the beans and eaten them! But the rest is left up to Jack. When he climbs the beanstalk, he is taking an incredible risk. Further, he goes inside this massive castle and sticks around when the giant is revealed! It seems that no matter what happens, Jack follows that inner driving force all the way through to the end of the ordeal.

The fairy is another interesting point in the story, although a small moment, it is incredibly significant. The fairy truly demonstrates that Jack was being pulled towards his destiny - he was in that clear, silent, knowing space, feeling open to and in tune with the Universe and all its' messages. The moment that the fairy tells him that these magical items belonged to his father, he finally understands why he felt such a strong pull towards this moment. In a moment of such clarity, Jack had nothing left to lose.

When you receive an inspired thought from the Universe, it is up to you to act on that thought, and to truly manifest it. When you ignore, push aside, or disregard these moments of inspiration, you forgo an opportunity. When you repeatedly pay attention to, and act on, inspired thoughts you become more sensitive to their meaning over time. It is up to you to participate in the creation of your own existence, your own destiny, your own life. And when your situation only makes sense to you, and everyone around you begins to question your motives, accept this as part of the path towards your destiny. You know your own life better than anyone, and any signs, symbols or messages you receive from the Universe have been custom tailored for you. They probably won't make much sense to very many people. That is okay! Part of the journey towards something better than what you are today is a period of uncertainty, and that uncertainty is what creates a truly rewarding experience for you.

The next time you have an inspired thought, no matter what it is, no matter how small it may seem, I am challenging you to act on that thought. It might just be a thought you have "Maybe I'll take the long way home" - see where it leads you. It may be a moment where you are driving in your car, alone, and the music suddely sounds very close and might seem like it has an echo. Stop thinking and enjoy this moment of simple clarity. Choose green when your mind shouts "Green!" Or when it seems like it's taking you a lot longer to get out the door in the morning, take it as a message to slow down! Yes, it seems counterintuitive, but you're going to get to your destination at the same time ~ but you'll start your day feeling much more relaxed!

Part of this experience is learning to trust yourself - and to trust that the messages you are receiving are real. Trust builds slowly over time, so be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process.


  1. Thanks Nicole, and congrats on your workshop (from the last post.) I do think this lesson of following our inspiration is so important. When we have those moments of clarity, they are often fleeting, so then afterwards we are left feeling like 'oh, I can't do that' or 'that will never work.' But there is a certain feeling when it is truly a 'message' that never goes wrong I think. It doesn't always turn out the way I plan, but something always comes of it when I do follow it.

  2. "he was in that clear, silent, knowing space, feeling open to and in tune with the Universe and all its' messages."

    The above sentence describes so well how I feel when inspiration/intuition strikes.It takes time to recognize it, I have practiced noticing it for many years and still I miss it sometimes. And it is usually fear that rears up; fear quickly erases inspiration.

    I love going down roads just because something is calling to me. And this freedom to follow my heart/intuition brings inspiring thoughts, more messages or answers to questions I might have going on currently.

    This is a really good post, Nicole...I feel it coming from deep within you...and you know what? its really inspiring! ;)