Friday, August 1, 2008

Take time to center yourself

"Take time to centre yourself". This was the heart card that White Chocolate pulled for me upon reading this blog. So it is just after lunch and I have centered myself 3 times already today! I didn't realize how quickly stress builds up in me! I think it could be the whining that really puts me over the edge ...

Anyhow, thought I should note, JO has informed me she would really prefer to be referred to as White Chocolate. So I am honouring her request, and that is her name now.

I am so excited - I get to see my Grandma in two days! I haven't seen her in over a year. Up until two years ago, I saw her about once every two months. I love spending time with elders. Can't wait to see her. Neither can my daughter!

Oh, I also heard from my very cool friend, I'll call her Twin Soul here. I don't hear from her too often, because she always has something going on. Her life is all-consuming. She seems to be experiencing as much as she possibly can in this life, and I find that incredibly inspiring. Twin Soul always has enough time and energy for me, and everyone else. (If you can pin her down, that is!) I may get to see her in the Fall, and I can't wait.

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