Saturday, August 30, 2008

Post Partum Depression (PPD)

Anxiety is something we are hearing a lot more about as of late. In three of the magazines I subscribe to, I have read articles pertaining to this "silent epidemic". In these same magazines, I've read the author advising sufferers that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help. But CBT is not the only option.

I have personally suffered from anxiety since I had my first child three years ago, but only recently realized it. Now, thinking back, I was pushing away those feelings, pretending it wasn't happening. My anxiety worsened to the point that I had much difficulty getting to sleep every night. It was only when I acknowledged my feelings, and admitted that I was feeling anxious, that I started to make progress. It was around this time that White Chocolate and I began exchanging healing treatments.

I completed the Post Partum Depression (PPD) questionnaires with my doctor, and was thankfully found not to have PPD. However, my scores must have been near-borderline because he advised me to start taking time for myself. A few hours in the morning, without kids, to go and do things that make me feel like myself. Thankfully, I have a very understanding husband, who accomodated my need to have time alone. My first outing was just a trip to the coffee shop - one hour, one indulgent coffee, and one fashion mag (read front to back with NO interruptions).

We all need time alone, to think and relax, and to generate our own thoughts and insights into who we are. And if you do feel anxiety, or pain, or fear - Acknowledge It. Don't let it be silently covering you up.

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  1. Hi Sweets!

    I'm glad you are writing down your thoughts and SHARING them! I've missed you often and now I feel a bit better...

    Anxiety is a nasty thing- I'm so happy I haven't felt any for such a long time now. You're right, it totally helps just to acknowledge that you're feeling it and start figuring out where it's coming from. Are our concerns rational? Perhaps we're worried about something that we can just let go of actually. Talking helps too.

    Love you much!