Saturday, August 9, 2008

Peaceful Mornings

I am enjoying a nice, peaceful cup of coffee, alone, before the kids wake up. It is such a nice way to start the day .... aaaaahhhhh. Besides, I'd better get my energy up if I want to be on my game for today. I hope my daughter is feeling better.

Yesterday afternoon I laid a blanket on the grass in the shade. I did a beautiful meditation. It was windy, but warm. Everything started to sound very clear. I listened for my fountain, and it felt as though I were inside that sound. I listened to the wind blowing the leaves on the trees, and it was the only thing that existed to me at the time. I was healing myself, but it occured to me, in that space, I was healing the entire world. Everybody.

Meditation is clearing your mind of all conscious thought. Just allow yourself to exist, to just be. I find that acknowledging my body is a good way to start. What I mean by that is to focus on your feet, and allow them to relax, then your legs, and so on, all the way up to your brain. Then close your eyes and look at the darkness, focusing on what is happening in your brain. If a thought comes in, mentally brush it to the side. You could even visualize grabbing a broom and sweeping - whatever works. Once you do this enough, your brain will remember that now is a time for no-thought. Breathe into the nothingness. Feel all that beautiful energy of Potential.

Blessed be - Nicole

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