Friday, August 22, 2008

Signs and Symbols - Do you have to be knocked over the head with it?

It is so important to pay attention to signs and symbols. For nearly three years now, I've been seeing eagles, and more recently hawks, on a very frequent basis. I know that birds of prey are revered creatures, symbolising strength and protection. But it took me until just the other day to actually search for the answer, and to actually say "What are you trying to tell me?". Maybe I was not ready to hear the answer until now:

Eagle represents a state of grace that is reached through inner work, understanding and passing the initiation tests that result from reclaiming our personal power. It is the patience to wait for the appropriate moment. It is to live in balance with heaven and earth. Eagle asks us to grant ourselves permission to be free in order to reach the joy that our heart desires.

I am encroaching on a big birthday (a lady never tells, so don't ask!) and I really feel I am entering into a new phase of my life. We all are.

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