Sunday, July 26, 2009

100th Post! Recapping Your Life

I am so amazed that this is my 100th post! I wanted to write about something special to mark the occasion, and I've decided to write about "placement" on one's spiritual path. What I mean by this is where we put ourselves in terms of spiritual evolution. How can we measure our spiritual evolution? Do we find it in the amount of compassion we feel for others? Do we find it by how much peace we enjoy in our minds? Or do we find it only in those small, magical, fleeting moments in our everyday lives?

Perhaps it is all of the above. Each one of us is on their own specific path, predesigned by the Universe, and specially laid out to challenge our innate being. While we can't fail at simply being, we can come up against the same challenges over and over again if we do not learn from our experiences. If we lay down and let our lives "happen" to us, and we don't strive to be better than we were yesterday, we may be setting ourselves up to fail.

I have to admit, the narcissist in me would like to know exactly where I am in terms of meeting my "goals" in this life. But would that knowledge help me to recognize the truth of my innate being? Would it help me align with my higher self? Would that knowledge take away from this beautiful experience of being human? Perhaps the funnest part of this experience is seeking out the things that make you feel completely in line and at peace with the Universe. I have heard that you are always where you are supposed to be, but will you feel that and recognize it if you aren't in alignment with your intrinsic nature? I try to go by the way I feel at any particular time ... if I am not feeling good about something, I take time out for myself and try to get back in line with who I am, and what I humanly want to be in my life. I want to be a strong woman, a dependable, warm and caring friend, a passionate and loving wife, a mother who creates a home full of love... but most of all I just want to be myself.

I receive great pleasure from writing here, and I am so thankful that I've found an outlet for my many deep thoughts. This experience has brought me more peace in my everyday life, and I am so grateful for that. To the people who read this blog (whomever you are ... out there in cyber space) I am incredibly grateful to you for helping to create the energy to carry on with it.

May all our lives be full of love, compassion, learning, sharing and growing.


  1. dear Nicole
    happen to visit your blog from Miruh. lot of questions that you have brought forward would certainly lead to deeper contemplations.
    Glad to see Merging Point in your blog list.
    a wonderful serene profile picture!

  2. Hello MP! I am honoured that you read this blog, truly. So much to contemplate ...

    Yours truly, Nicole

  3. Thanks for this. Sometimes I wonder if the measuring stick for my own path of personal growth is the extent to which I can let go of the whole idea of measuring anything in my life and comparing one state of being to another.

  4. Chris: I wonder what it would feel like to live directly in the moment for the rest of my days? Ego is a worthy adversary, and always seems to fight "me"! But I keep trying.

    Thank you for your insightful comment - Nicole

  5. Hello Nicole,

    Congratulations on 100 posts on your personal contemplation. I am always moved by the depth of your sharings and your persistence in wanting to understand.

    I think that there is no "getting there" as far as the spiritual journey is concerned. The path is our moment to moment realigning with source. It is the nature of the mind that we will be lost in illusion and it's an ongoing quest, no matter how much we attain; there are layers that we uncover. Not having an agenda for enlightenment is an enlightened attitude, just savoring the peace, the joy and light of constant practice.

    Keep sharing your profound wisdom my friend!

  6. When we are truly aligned we will not feel a need to measure where we are on the spiritual continuum. This will be one of the keys to understanding your alignment, you won't be keeping score for you know that it does not matter.

  7. Miruh: Your encouragement & insights always lead me to dig a little deeper, I truly appreciate your prescence. I feel that with each passing day, I gain more understanding, I feel more at peace, and I am becoming more true to myself. Almost every day is joyful now, and I am really focusing on being in the moment.

    Blessed Be - Nicole

  8. Mark: Thank you for your thoughts. Starting this blog was an amazing way for me to connect with like-minded souls seeking enlightenment. It is comments like yours that lead me away from the dramas I have created, and have kept me moving towards a new, more carefree state. I am truly grateful.


  9. I agree with Mark. I know I have not reached the place where i need to be because I still wonder when I will be there. There are two people I study with that have found it...and they do not wonder.

  10. Hi Michelle! Perhaps we can take this information and just aim to just enjoy our lives. To always search for the things that bring us into alignment with the divine. To just remain our true selves in all situations. And to love every moment of it.

    Thank you very much for reading my blog.