Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday I put myself to the test. I ran in a 12 km run, and surpassed every single one of my expectations. It was completely amazing.

This whole process has taught me so much about myself. I have way more personal power than I even knew existed in me, and there is something in me now that doesn't even list giving up as an option. It is just easier for me to keep going, to push myself up one more hill, and then to keep running once I'm at the top. I wouldn't be in this place without the help and support of some beautiful, strong and powerful women that I've met along the way. Women who say things like "Oh yeah, you can do it, no problem!" and "Oh, Nicole is ready". Allowing me to notice this strength in myself is a greater gift than they realize, I think. The level these women have worked their way up to astounds me, and for them to say that I can start now at 12 km is inspiring.

Anybody can do what I am doing! You just start treating running (or weight lifting, or biking, or swimming, or whatever!) as though it is already a part of your life. Go out and do your thing on Mondays & Wednesdays because those are the days you do it! It is no big deal to try something new! You do your best, listen to your body and keep going!

I also discovered almost right away that running is helping to keep my anxiety in check. When I feel my solar plexus tightening, I use that anxious energy as fuel for my legs to move faster. At the end of a run, I now feel relaxed, open and happy. It is such a release for me.

I have come such a long long way, and I am so incredibly proud of myself.

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  1. Congratulations on your latest milestones. Revelations unfold within when you do not consciously expect them. Each person is invited to systematically shatter ther own myths and dissolve their misconceptions. You only ever create your own limits. You can also eliminate them by proving to self that ego knows nothing.