Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Reiki Story

One of the blogs I like to read, Reiki Help Blog, has started the Reiki Stories Project. If you have a Reiki Story to share, I would encourage you to share! You can check it out here:

Reiki weaved its way into my life during a time when I was at a crossroads. For three years prior, I had been destroying my spirit with drugs - anything I could get my hands on. But I had initiated change ... I had met some friends to practice Wicca with, I had begun meditating every day, and I began spending more time outside in nature. I was feeling better, but loneliness hung on my soul.

One day, a new acquaintance asked me how my knees were feeling. I was a bit confused as to why she would ask me such a seemingly strange question. She matter-of-factly told me to come by her house after work, and she would give me Reiki. I had no idea what Reiki was, but even though I barely knew her, Terry made me feel at ease. So I went to her. She healed my knee, and told me that day that if I wanted to receive my first degree of Reiki, I could do so in a few weeks. I took the course, and my life began to unfold in a completely new way. The Reiki community used to have gatherings about once a month, and during that time I received many healings. It felt amazing to work through all of the emotional issues that had built their walls within me. It certainly wasn’t easy to confront the demons of my past, but I knew it would be worth it. Reiki helped me to regain the faith I had lost in myself, and helped me to feel a sense of community where I was fully accepted for who I truly was.

Reiki is now with me always, and I have finally reached the point where I am ready to share this Universal Love, this Universal Energy, with the world.

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