Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a Haircut Can Do!

For several years, I have wanted to have short hair. There is something liberating, sexy and free about a woman having short hair. I finally did it, and I just feel phenomenal! It's funny how we can turn around and perceive ourselves so differently after something as innocent as a haircut. I have so much more energy and confidence, and I do feel sexy, free and liberated.

For women, the hair we wear is a vital and important part of how we feel everyday. Some of us use it as a security blanket, some of us use it to distract people, some of us are changing it all the time. Colouring, cutting, growing, shaping, styling, washing, conditioning. What a metaphor for the multi-tasked lives that we lead. And of course, the way we treat our hair has a direct connection to how we are feeling, and where the current circumstances of our lives are at.

When I was a teen, I grew it halfway down my back, and dyed it bleach blond. Two weeks after I graduated, I cut it all off and used KoolAid to dye my hair into a rainbow of colours. What was happening in my life at the time was my boyfriend was going off to University, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, and I felt like I had no power or control over what would happen next. But I had power and control over the way that I looked ...

I believe that we are all part of the same whole, that all energy equals one energy, and that we are here to fully immerse ourselves in the lives we have chosen. It is hard to avoid the fact that we are so sensitive to the visual world around us. Part of this includes judging ourselves and others on their hairstyles, clothing, pets, cars, houses ... and anything else we can compare ourselves to. I can hear my conscience shouting out ~But we are not supposed to get distracted by these visual details, we are supposed to see the beauty in everything!~

We are all part of a larger whole, and I believe that all other people in some way reflect our own selves. Maybe that's why when you get a great haircut, or an outfit that makes you feel great, you feel as though you are reflecting your true inner self - an attractive, confident and joyful being. This may sound vain ... but I consider my new haircut a gift to others, because I feel amazing, and because of that I can freely give my love, attention, joy and energy to those who need to be reminded of these qualities in themselves.


  1. This is a new way of looking at getting a new haircut or an outfit or something else that makes me feel great, and of course it's true.

    "We are all part of a larger whole, and I believe that all other people in some way reflect our own selves." When I feel good, and project joy and freedom and confidence, I will attract people with those same attributes. Every time.

    Thanks for this post, Nicole...I wondered why I got that haircut! It's still long, cut to my shoulders now, but I feel great. I'm so glad you listened to your inner voice and got that great cut! And short hair is VERY sexy and liberating!

  2. I have had this experience before too. In my twenties, I cut my heart really short at one point. I could tell some people in my life didn't like it - it didn't fit then with the notion they had of me. But for me it was very freeing, and I felt it helped me tap into a certain power in myself that I hadn't found before that. Over time, it ended up being the start of a big turning point in my life, a coming into my own power. These acts really do have a lot of power to them....

  3. I meant I cut my hair really short, not my heart!!! Hmmm, I will have to contemplate that slip...

  4. Hi Marion ~ We have to also mention here that getting a haircut just feels good! There is something so soothing about someone washing my hair, as a change from my washing my childrens' hair.

    Hi Lisa - Thanks for visiting! I know exactly what you mean when you say that having short hair "helped me tap into a certain power in myself that I hadn't found before that".

    Hmmm ... that is an interesting slip! "heart" instead of "hair" ...

    Blessed Be ~ Nicole