Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling Stuck

There are times in our lives when we feel stuck, unclear as to what we will do next, and uncertain of how to make a change for ourselves. Sometimes the feeling of being stuck can be a cover for something that makes us feel uncomfortable. Deep down, we always know why we feel a certain way, but to move on you must question yourself and be prepared for the answer.

Sometimes it is necessary to invoke fate and to jump out of one's comfort zone. For me, it feels like I've had to reach a point where I asked myself: What do I have to lose? And really, what do you ever have to lose, in any situation? What is the worst that can happen when you create change and growth in your life?

What kind of life do you want to live? Don't be afraid to experiment with what you think you might want! This life, this whole experience is a river with many different currents upon which you can ride. Some currents will lead into a quiet canal, or resting place, where you can simply Be. Some currents will lead you on a wild ride, consistently bringing up something new for you to absorb. And some currents will lead you into swirling eddies, like a dead end, only to toss you back into the flow once again. When you take control of this flow, using Awareness and becoming mindful of what is happening energetically and spiritually, you open yourself up and you create a lesson for yourself.

When we move through life in a mindful way, we are truly participating in the fate that we were born to. Being aware of where your path has led you thus far, and how your experiences have prepared you for something new, is a priceless practice. When you take stock of your life in this way, you begin to see patterns emerging, circumstances that bring you full circle to something over and over again. What is it that you have been preparing for in this life? What lessons keep presenting themselves to you? And are you learning from those lessons?

The most exciting part of reviewing your life in this way is the wonderful question: What next?


  1. Oh punkin! I love your posts... I couldn't agree with you more on this one!
    Big LOVE!

  2. Wow, Nicole, this is an awesome post. I love this sentence..."What is the worst that can happen when you create change and growth in your life?" I would add, just as you did...what will I do with this opportunity or challenge which has presented itself? Many years ago, a great teacher taught me to look at each lesson as a way to grow. And even if the worst happened, in the end it was the very best thing for me! Thank you...this is, as I said before, a very good post!