Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sensing the Energy of Another

It can be so easy to allow negative aspects of our world to get to us. There is a fine line between practicing loving-kindness and allowing people to walk all over you. Perhaps this is why so many people seem to throw up walls of defense all around themselves. The fear of being hurt by another human being, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or energetic, this can truly paralyse the sensitive one. Even if one has managed to balance kindness while maintaining an energetic defense, hurt can sometimes come from an unexpected source. When you practice energy work, such as Reiki, Healing Touch or Spiritual Healing, you learn how sensitive humans truly are ...

If one can become aware of energy, to a point where one is feeling more than seeing, hearing or touching, how could this change the way we relate to one another? My Utopian vision is that we would become much more honest with each other - there would be no fooling around when you ask the question "How are you?". Lying would become a faded memory, and truth would be natural. We would be able to feel the shift in another person's energy when talking about something uncomfortable. We would sense the hesitation, the fear, the doubt, the despair, the sadness ... but we would also sense the joy, the abundance, the openness and ultimately the Greatness of life. All. The. Time. Could you imagine this world?

My Utopian vision isn't so far fetched, when you think about it. You could very easily make an effort ~today~ to tune in to the people you come in contact with. Be more sensitive to what they are saying with their whole selves. Use your own energy to uplift another person. A simple smile will do it ... hold the door for another ... give someone a compliment ... drive with more awareness ... be patient with the ones you love ... and most of all be good to your own self.

Within the smallest actions lie the greatest secrets to life.


  1. I truly love this post, Nicole, and the message it sends. It is so easy to turn someone's day around by a smile and sending great, hopeful energy at the same time. I love leaving smiles on faces which were rather gloomy to begin.

    I love your vision of the World. I believe it will happen, possibly very soon.

  2. I love what you wrote... I believe what you say to be true about being sensitive to others and giving a smile etc- it does totally help a situation- it's also an incredibly hard thing to remember to do some days. Humans are also very selfish with their emotions and manifest it in ways that are difficult to deal with one after another- I'm talking about my job in customer service... I try to do my best- but I really think some folks, if they ever realize the energy they put out is lame, will realize it too late. Those walls you speak of are necessary to protect us from the lame, grumpy, negative people and I don't have the energy or the desire to be sensitive to the folks that are constantly sucking on the good will of others. They can get bent.


  3. It is certainly a challenge to be kind to others, especially in customer service! I think it takes time to learn how to discriminate who you can give your good energy to. It is also tough to learn how to be open to giving energy, but more careful about receiving it. With some people, you never know what you're going to get ... and I believe that negative people stay in that mindset because they believe that sharing negative energy helps them to unload it in some way.

    For example, when you're in an argument with someone, there is a point when you start to feel some "give" about who is right. If you can recognize that feeling, then you can find your way to a peaceful agreement. If you don't recognize that feeling, chances are you'll keep talking in circles with the person.

  4. I thought about your post many times today while I was at work. I'm usually in a good mood anyways but today one of my co-workers gave me the ultimate compliment- something about how I'm always happy and cheerful. It was so nice to hear! But sometimes when I'm not in a good mood I find my negativity takes too much energy and I feel more tired at the end of the day. So I just said to her that it's easier to be happy than not. And I felt everybody in the vicinity lighten up a little bit more... I really enjoy checking on your blog because you always say something so good and I feel more aware about the good things. Thanks buddy!

  5. Hello Nicole,

    Your utopian view is what we are all evolving to become, one way or another. I believe we are all wanting to be seen for who we are and to be loved and cherished, although some of us have some convoluted ways that we go about getting to that place.

    As you say, "Within the smallest actions lie the greatest secrets to life." In that way we can each begin to trust in the world and ourselves again.

    Thanks for a great post!

  6. What a lovely vision! And this balance between lovingkindness and necessary energy protection that you speak of at the start is one I have had to work towards my whole life...I think many of us do...learning that the two can co-exist, that I can draw boundaries, energetic and otherwise, and still be open and loving at the same time, has been a valuable lesson...would that the 'protection' part were never necessary...

  7. Thank you all for posting such wonderful comments. We have created something with our energy right here by collectively believing that such a Utopian vision is Possible!

    With minds like ours, one day the "protection" part will no longer be necessary mommymystic. What a beautiful gift we could give to the future of this world.