Sunday, January 3, 2010


My wonderful mother in law gave me two beautiful quartz crystal pendants this year. I have long believed in the power and presence of crystals. I find they have the ability to change energy ... rose quartz brings much love and dispels negativity .... Amethyst calms anxiety and can help with psychic endeavors ... Citrine brings so much warmth, sunshine and light that it shines into the darkest places within us.

Recently, however, one of these aforementioned quartz crystals taught me something new. This particular stone has seven additional gems affixed to its' front, in a vertical line, to represent the chakras. I have heard that quartz has the ability to amplify the energy of its' wearer, as well as those surrounding. I learned this lesson directly from the quartz the other day ...

I was in the grocery store, and had accidentally abandoned my cart near the end of the aisle, while I wrangled my kids back from the other end. I hurried the children along, and as I was leaving the aisle I passed by a man who was waiting for me to move. He gave me the blank stare that people give when someone is slowing them down - you know the one. I gave a quick smile and moved along ... but from him I felt something sudden and unexpected. I felt a sharp pang of hatred and bitter anger, directly in my heart chakra. I pick up on peoples' energy all the time, we all do, but this felt much different. I felt what he was feeling. I got into the next aisle and stopped for a moment to recognize what had happened and to centre myself.

Liscious gave me many suggestions when I told her what had happened. She said to put white, protecting light around myself if I was going to wear it, and to meditate with the crystal to gain the lesson. She said to remember that my own energy will be amplified when I wear it. I took her advice and practiced all these things before leaving the house wearing the other crystal. This time I noticed peoples' reactions to my energy. Many people gave me the blank stare, but I didn't feel any negative energy this time - thank goodness.

There is so much I have to learn about energy, crystals, the aura and much much more. I hope that in 2010 I can begin incorporating my spiritual life more into my everyday life. I am ready to put myself out there, I am ready to truly let my light shine, and to encourage and enable others to do the same.


  1. What a lovely, positive post, Nicole! It's amazing what crystals will do...when I first began studying and wearing them before I really knew anything about them, I was in awe of that amplified energy. And I still am. I have a crystal wand which has other crystals embedded within it. I can't begin to describe the power it has and how it vibrates and gets really, really hot. It is my very favourite tool.

    Thank you...and by the way, your blog looks great!

  2. I'm glad you liked this post Marion! Crystals truly are like friends ... the other day, my sister showed me a crystal she gave me over 10 years ago. It really was like seeing an old friend. This was a crystal she had given to me, but it had made it's way back to her ~ all by itself.

  3. Very cool. Way to continue with the gems- they're precious for a reason! Love!