Sunday, December 14, 2008

Solstice Preparations

Now that the full moon has passed, I am beginning to feel another shift. The energy around me is changing. Solstice is approaching quickly now, and I'm going to start my serious preparations for Yule.
What do I want to bring into my life now? What kind of mindset am I going to need to have for my upcoming challenges? (Seen & unseen). I will be starting a support group for postpartum depression & anxiety at the end of January. I am so nervous! I will need to draw some major strength for that. I am anticipating that it will be personally challenging for me to offer help, while I am still experiencing anxiety. But I am up to the challenge!
I don't know what else is going to come to me in the new year, but I want to go into it with strength, love and tenacity. My wish for you is the same as for myself. May you have strength, courage and love in the upcoming year. Love Nicole


  1. Dear Nicole,
    I read about your trepidations about your plans for your support group and I am reminded of good advice from one of my teachers when I was embarking on a similar journey. She told me to focus on what I wanted to learn and get out of participating in the group and to keep it light and to have fun. None of us have all the answers, the more we learn, we find there is more to uncover. That is the mystery of our life journey. In particular the focus of your group on post-partum depression, that is such a deep place to venture into. Pregnancy and birth is a spiritual initiation for women and our culture does not have any paradigms for such a journey. Young people like yourself who have been aware even before the onset of pregnancy find this a most challenging time when what has been opened up in the unconscious has no outlet in the real world of modern motherhood with its focus on the trappings. If you have not yet read Jean Shinoda Bolen: The Crossing to Avalon and The Goddess in Everywoman, I highly recommend these books.
    Thank you for sharing so openly. You are strong and gifted, you will be guided in ways to help many others.
    Much love and many blessings to you and your loved ones.

  2. Dear Miruh,

    I completely agree that our culture doesn't support the spiritual aspects of pregnancy, childbith and mothering. I'm looking forward to checking out the books you recommended. Thank you for your support and love. It is so encouraging to meet people like you, Miruh.