Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Peace today ...

So I just about lost it with my little girl today. We are in the throes of the terrible two's, and she's learning how to push my buttons. Grrrrr.... We've been "off the wagon" with potty training for several months now, because she was getting extremely obsessed with the reward factor. So much so that she was trying to "go" even when she didn't physically need to. Then she was holding it in for some strange reason. So today she took off all her clothes, including her diaper. During lunch she had to pee, and went pee in the potty- hurray! Right?

Wrong. I let her use special soap to wash her hands, and she immediately tried to pee on the potty, again, in order to use the special soap. Of course she couldn't pee, and she started getting all wierd on me. She was wailing while sitting on the potty, looking at me as though I could fix it. She started throwing a HUGE fit, a tantrum you could say. Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to do. Thank god my husband is home today. She wouldn't calm down, so he suggested she have a time out - just to get her feelings in check. Well, she started freaking out even more. I didn't know that such a little girl could be so freaking loud.

Got her up to her bedroom, cause by this time she had earned herself an early nap time. I was trying to get her dressed and she was literally screaming in my face. Of course, being the weak human I am, I started yelling at her. That was the wrong thing to do, because then she started screaming that blood-curdling, bimbo horror-movie scream. She is SO lucky (and I am too) that my husband came into the room and said "Nicole, this is becoming a bad situation for you, I'll take over". I have the best husband in the world.

I am almost done beating myself up, and am now onto the stage where I'm telling myself I'll do better next time. I will do better next time.

But why is it that when I get on a kick of doing really well (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) a situation like this comes back to bite me in the ass? It's like my brain is a computer being restarted and for a few moments it thinks it should be running the old program. Gotta get that glitch fixed.

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  1. Man, that sounds like a rough experience. I think it must take a pretty strong person to be a parent.