Friday, April 9, 2010

Honour Your Body

I was recently scheduled for a day surgery, and it got me thinking about how much our bodies are capable of. Have you ever taken the time to really think about how amazing your body is? The response you get when you honour and accept your body will probably be surprising for most people. When we look at our round bellies, less-than-perky breasts, muscular legs and all the other wrinkles, marks, rolls and dimples, it is easy to see our bodies as less than perfect and less than whole. But how much more real can you get than looking at these perceived imperfections and simply accepting them for what they are?

Most people, when they focus on their bodies, tend to use that focus towards exercising, dieting and feeling physically well. When will people begin to use that focus to look at the body as a perfectly whole vessel? Our bodies are a shell in which we get the opportunity to experience this life. But our bodies also hold a vast amount of knowledge we cannot understand unless we utilize its' power. Let us use the energy that these beautiful bodies can store and produce to manifest the spiritual lives so many of us yearn to have! Our physical bodies can elevate us and form a bridge into different levels of awareness.

Using vigorous exercise is certainly a way that you can change your vibration and experience having control over your body – this kind of exercise is immeasurable in terms of how it can make you feel. Part of this involves surrendering to the activity, blocking out thoughts of limitation, and embracing the truth in the experience. Another part of this requires you to listen closely to your body, and to honour your body when there is pain or discomfort. I believe the most important thing you can do is to trust your body. We all have accidents, we have all been hurt physically, and it is a jarring sensation. Some of us have had to undergo long recoveries from broken bones or surgeries. How much time did you spend allowing your body to recover from trauma? And did you have a dialogue with your physical self? Did you forgive the physical part of yourself if you felt let down, or if you lost faith?

Learning to trust and honour your body is an intimate and loving experience. As children, we used our bodies in any way we could, and it was fun to experiment with the possibilities! We would spin, we would run, we would hang upside down. We are still capable of all these actions as adults, but it feels sort of silly to perform these acts now. But that is exactly the point - using our bodies in this way changes our energy. For me, it is trail running. Single track, through the trees with roots exposed, branches reaching out to brush my head, mud everywhere. Allowing my body to do what it knows to do. I don't need to think about it, I just allow my body to move. It certainly was a long process learning to surrender to instinct, but I assure you, it has been worth it.

There are so many ways we can use our bodies, so why do we allow our brains to limit these possibilities? Take the time to honour and trust your body, and you will find you are rewarded with so much. Do what you can do today - spin in a circle, jump up in the air, lay on your bed with your head hanging upside down off the edge. And allow your body to do what it knows to do.


  1. I've had many conversations with my body. On good days,when pain is muted, I feel in tune and loving towards it. On bad days, I wonder why my strong body insists on feeling such enormous pain that no drug seems to help.

    Last year, when Lyrica still helped, I was climbing up and down the bank, amazed at the strength of my bones and muscles. Lyrica no longer works and I am back to finding something that will. I saw someone running the other day; all that went through my mind was how much I wished I could still do that.

    Thanks for this post, Nicole, today I will take a deep breath and honour my body for taking the pain which seemingly comes from nowhere, and letting me still see the beauty and miracle in each day.

  2. Hello Nicole,

    Lovely post, a reminder to cherish our bodies for they are the temple in which we worship. In Eastern mysticism it is said that the opportunity to take human birth is a great gift. It is the only plane of existence where we are aware of Awareness and so can consciously know Oneness.

    Sending you healing vibes!