Thursday, November 19, 2009


Have you ever failed? Have you ever taken a risk to do something, putting yourself out there, only to have unexpected results? Have you ever set out on a particular path with visions of success on your mind, and gone on to experience nothing but "failure"? We are so petrified of trying new things sometimes ~ the idea of failing can seem so unbearable, and we often avoid situations that don't seem safe enough for us.

From the time we are children, so much energy is focused on our successes, but how much time do we spend talking with our children about their mistakes? It is important for adult and child alike to review situations, positive or negative, and glean the lesson from them. And it is okay to admit that you failed at something!

I have always believed that we learn best from our mistakes. There is no more powerful lesson than the one that pushes our Ego down to the ground. There is no more powerful lesson than the one that completely changes our expectations, and forces us to think in a new way. Sometimes, life lessons lie more in the getting there than the being there, although there are times for each on their own.

If you see yourself beginning to fail at something, don't struggle against it. Centre yourself, and look at the situation objectively. Try sitting with the feeling of "failure" ~ how does it make you feel physically? Try meditating on the feeling of "failure" ~ sometimes it is easier to clear your mind when you feel defeated. Visualize all the pressure you put on yourself disappearing, because there is nothing to fear now that the fear has been realized.

Try to remember that failing is an opportunity to learn something new. Failures may lead you to a completely different path than the one you've been on ... and that could be a very good thing.

Be at peace ~ Nicole

*This blog post was inspired by The Naked Soul blog post: Let's Kick Some Buts!

Thank you for getting me inspired this morning Mark!


  1. i am at yr blog commenting bcos u wrote u r spiritually aware, i hope u dont mind my communicating with u. what do u mean by spiritually aware. as for me, it is a curse bcoz it is a not a gift to b spiritually aware n seeing stuff others do not see. i might be out of context bcos i dont know wat you mean by being spiritually aware.

    Regards: Bengbeng. btw i am from Sarawak, Malaysia

  2. Hi bengbeng!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. To me, being spiritually aware is always being aware of my connection to the greater force, the divine, God, whatever you want to call it. I try my best to always come from a place of love in everything I do.

    When you can see things that others don't see, it can feel isolating, I know. But remember, nothing is without purpose. If you have a gift to see something another cannot, then you have a lot to offer the situation. And if you can work with your gifts, you will begin to feel more in control of what is happening. What exactly do you see?