Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Sound

Sound is something we tend to be comfortable with when we are not the ones making it. When put on the spot to sing a song, many people feel incredibly uncomfortable. But when we sing alone, certain that no one is listening, it feels good. What many of us don’t think about is that sound can feel good, but it doesn’t always have to sound good.

We can use our voice as an instrument to facilitate an emotional release. These noises may not sound pretty. They might sound deep, guttural, primal, soft, weak, or uninhibited. If you can summon up all your feelings and channel them into sound, it can be a very powerful way to rid yourself of unwanted emotions, to create new energy, or to simply get you to think differently about yourself.

If you are interested in experimenting with sound, try something simple that you can really surrender to, such as Om chants:

Close your eyes. Get yourself into a meditative space (Try the meditation from my previous post!
Growing Buddha Nature )

When you are ready, begin with your first Om. The O and the M should be spoken at about the same length OOO MMM

Take a deep breath, form your mouth into a large O and allow the sound to release, closing your mouth to say the M.

Make as many Oms as you like. Try making the sound last a little longer each time. Really breathe in deeply at the end of each Om. You might like to practice in your shower, where the acoustics are good, or in your car, or in the forest; wherever you feel comfortable making lots of noise. Om chants are especially beautiful in a group, or even with just one other person. You can create a space of exceptionally good energy by practicing Om chants.

Enjoy the sounds of your day …


  1. This is a great post. Sound is very powerful. I am very audio oriented in how I express myself. As you said there are many sounds that we can make and they can be very powerful.

  2. Hi Mark.

    Once we learn to really let our Ego go, the sound becomes it's own entity, and will not sound contrived.