Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leaf of Change

I am slowly turning over a leaf of change. I feel as though I had emptied myself out, and I wasn't sure what to do. My Uncle gave me some sage advice. He said that we do need to search sometimes in order to remain connected to the divine source, because without this reassurance we can feel lost. He said to be very aware of the ego at this time, and to ask for space to simply Be, without Ego. I have already had a few opportunities to test myself, and I am feeling very pure right now.

I have been meditating more, and even did a bit of yoga last night, after a long run. I am trying to fill myself up with all good things. I am feeling strangely disciplined as of late ... I am trying not to make assumptions as to where this transition could lead to.

I would just like to enjoy every moment. To truly notice each situation for what is really is. To keep that Ego in check.


  1. Hello Nicole,

    Sounds like you are taking your uncle's sage advice to heart, simply being. There is a feeling of life being simple, uncomplicated by the mind's agenda, I guess that is what you meant,"feeling very pure right now."

    Deep peace to you!

  2. You are in a blissful place, thanks for sharing your journey.