Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just for today, do not Judge

I have been feeling pretty good lately. But since I started feeling better, it seems as though a few people around me have been acting wierd. I feel like people are trying to put me in my place, back where I was. But I'm not going backward anymore, sorry. I am trying to move forward, trying to enjoy my life, as it is. I admit, I may have overstepped some boundaries, but I am allowed to make mistakes. And I am equally entitled to recover from those mistakes, even if those around me don't want to forgive.

It is okay to forgive. It is okay to be forgiven. There is no shame in making mistakes. There is no shame in saying the wrong thing if you can explain yourself later. Did I explain myself well?

Perhaps now that I am feeling better I'm trying to put a shine on things. Trying to "fix" people without permission. Not saying that I am perfect. I'll never be perfect, there is always something to worry about. I do worry about stepping on peoples' toes. But if I'm starting a support group, I'd better learn how to listen to people, and to accept them for who they are. I need to chase my judgemental behavior away.

My mantra for the next few weeks: Just For Today Do Not Judge

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