Thursday, January 6, 2011


It has been a long time since I wrote an honest post about myself ... or at least it feels like it. During that time, I am certain that I have strayed further away from myself than perhaps ever before. But not without reason, of course. Being slightly outside of myself allowed me to check out my life objectively, and I am back to life with some new things to add.

For the first time since my eldest child was born, I have stopped wondering what I am going to do with my time once both children are in school. I feel that all the projects I've been a part of in the last few years have planted many seeds in many places. ~ Mom to Mom Support Group ~ Woman & Spirit Workshops ~ Baking By Design ~ So many opportunities yet to be presented that I can hardly wait to find out what they are. It is amazing. And the stress and the worry about having time on my hands has vanished. In all honesty, I can't wait to have some time on my hands. Time to devote to myself, to meditation, to running, to yoga, and eventually to some sort of paying work. At this point in time, I find myself wondering if I need to commit to anything at all? Who knows, maybe I will bake a few cakes one month, and do reflexology or energy work the next month. Maybe I will own a business, or maybe I will work for a corporation. Whatever happens, my number one priority will be to my children ~ being home for them when they get home from school. Having that time to connect with them before the rush of dinner and homework. There is the possibility that they would rather play with their friends, or watch television ... but I know I will get my time in with them.

For today, I am enjoying their littleness. They are great people with big personalities and contagious laughs, and they have so much they want to share with us. All my kids seem to want from me lately is my Time. And thankfully, that is something I can give to them wholeheartedly.


  1. Hi Nicole! What a great outlook in life. Kudos to you. :)
    If you get a chance, take a peak over at my blog too sometime. :)

  2. In my opinion, it's hard to appreciate what you have (and have accompished) without trying a little of everything. Keep it up and put another dozen 'experiences' on your resume.
    Your friends will support you in anything you do.

  3. "All my kids seem to want from me lately is my Time." I stayed home with my children when they were little and I will be forever grateful that I did. I'm so glad you are able to do the same, Nicole!

    I'm really happy you're trying out all these different and amazing experiences.I think knowledge of many things leads to wisdom..

  4. Heather: Thank you for your kind and inspirational words. Funny how sometimes we feel we need permission from others to continue on a path ... I am very lucky to have wonderful friends to support me!

    Marion: It feels good to make the decision to be here now, with my kids, rather than trying to achieve it all ... the message in society today is "Work hard! Make Money! Raise Children!" I like the sound of my own voice ... and the sound of yours too <3