Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is Here

Life is slowly being born all around me. One thing I love about living in the Cariboo is the slow changing of the seasons. I feel that I really get to appreciate every moment because I see it all unfolding before me. On the coast, the trees just suddenly leafed out, but here, the process is much slower. Even before the snow began to melt, I noticed the trees in my yard were getting little nobs all over the branches. The nobs are slowly becoming leaf buds, but it will still be another several weeks before the trees leaf out.

The light is changing too. It is almost as though the earth is reacting to the sun, the sun is reacting to the plants, and I am reacting to it all. Every entity seems to feel that Spring is finally here! Every day, more snow melts away, and the evidence of a long winter is slowly being revealed to me. A bunch of burnt candles scattered on my lawn, old dog poop, new dog poop, flyers that escaped the mailboxes. There is a large family of about six deer this year, and they are roaming about the neighborhood, unafraid and very hungry. They tried out my small crocuses, but it looks like they spit them back out again. I guess they don’t taste that great. It won’t take long until I see little bits of new green grass rising from the messy, ruddy earth.

I love the newness of Spring, as we all do. It creates something in me every year … A new zest for life and another chance to try something new. I feel so happy about my life, but I am truly looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring. I am also incredibly excited to see what will become of the seeds of thought I planted in the Fall.

Happy Spring Everybody!


  1. I discovered your blog after reading yoru post on Miruh's blog. As you say, spiritual teachings come in many forms. Human beings evolve to be more open and aware of different ways to learn. You mentioned you have been seeking a spiritual teacher for some time and yet do not sense you have found one. At times, human beings do not realize that their inner fears undermind their conscious hopes and desires. People will say they want something and do not get it. Yet, the universe always gives you precisely what you need it at a given moment. Have faith and trust that everything that happens has a meaningful purpose.

  2. Thank you Liara for your insightful comment!

    I think you have it right on the money when you say "inner fears undermind their conscious hopes and desires". Perhaps I have been wanting a teacher, but afraid that I'll be told that my beliefs are wrong.

    I am so pleased that you took the time to read my blog - Thank you.