Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoy Being Human

We are, first and foremost, here in human form to experience simply being what we are - human. Can becoming too spiritual become a selfish endeavor? Sometimes, Ego can show us how to hide behind our spirituality. We say to ourselves that we know more than the general public, and that we are above them in this way. If you are hiding behind your “awareness”, are you truly benefiting from living a spiritual life?

We can create our own destiny and we can have anything we want for ourselves, but does this mean that we should not try to create a beautiful existence for others too? I suppose it all comes down to what makes us happy, and happiness in the self creates happiness in others, right? I wonder if each one of us had the opportunity to live a period of our lives in seclusion, would we live a more spiritually connected life? Would we long to be more selfless in the absence of longing to be selfish?

Perhaps we are each a mini-universe, encased in this human form, and we are meant to experience every single aspect of ourselves. We can be spiritual, and we can be aware of the seven chakras, enlightenment, pure love, nirvana, heaven, and all the rest of it. But we can also choose to enjoy life as a human, and part of that includes being a little bit ignorant! Perhaps one of the tricky things about self-guided spirituality is that it may always be a struggle to balance it all out. We can still be spiritual, yet enjoy all the pleasures of our physical bodies – touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. We can be spiritual and also enjoy logical thinking, reasoning, and philosophizing. In fact, these things are necessary to living in a state of awareness.

I personally cannot say that I will ever get the answers to these questions … but sometimes ignorance is bliss!

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