Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seasons and Sabbats

There is a very deep and distinct connection to nature that we as humans, every one of us, possess. Whether you are religious or not, you probably notice that you feel a certain way at certain times of the year. When Spring is on it’s way, there is a feeling of hope, renewal and joy. Have you recognized the feeling you get when the leaves are falling off the trees and the warm glow of summer is slowly waning away? We all sense that Fall is a time of renewal, a time to sow seeds for the distant Spring, and to get ourselves ready for the encroaching Winter.

These things seem obvious, perhaps even trivial to some, but I see a cycle in all of it. I’m not talking about the obvious cycle of the four seasons, but the cycle of my own life.

Nature-based religions recognize eight sabbats throughout the year. If you look into it, each sabbat reflects the inner workings of our own selves. Nature is a reflection of you.

Observing the Sabbats is an extremely effective way to observe the mechanics of your life. You can use these auspicious times of the year to check in with your dreams and goals, but more especially the present moment. If you can be prepared and know that you usually feel some sadness in the dark months of the year, you’ll be better prepared to deal with the sadness, to set some things up as a defensive measure or a precaution. You can also begin to observe your thoughts – perhaps you always think of taking a trip in February, but you never make the call to your travel agent. Or maybe every September you yearn to try something new – take a course or start swimming!

The more aware you are of your life, and the more you are doing to constantly improve it, the better your life is going to be! You can start really thinking about what you want to do within the next year of your life. As a society, we become so wrapped up in the fast pace that we often forget that our lives are accumulating more quickly than we’d like. Even if you only take a few minutes to observe your self and your situation, the point is that it’s a commitment to yourself. It is a commitment to constantly grow and learn, to take risks and even to fail. Perhaps the most difficult part of this is having to truly reflect on the current state of your life. We all work hard to be good people, to make enough money, to feel secure and to stay healthy physically. But do we work hard at really taking care of ourselves? Can you honestly say that you’ve been good to yourself, have taken alone time for yourself, have indulged a little to celebrate your life? During the Sabbats I like to sit quietly and become the observer of my thoughts. Sometimes I question my thoughts, especially the ones rooted in fear. When you become aware of your thoughts in this way, you can begin to control your thoughts.

Nature is a reflection of you , and you are a reflection of the Universe. If you are a reflection of the Universe, then you are also in charge of your destiny. You are the Creator. So take charge, in whatever way makes sense to you and GO for it!

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