Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work In Progress

I should carry around a sign that says "Work in Progress". I feel like I will never know enough, never be able to sit for too long saying "I am perfectly contented where I am", though I wish I could. It wouldn't be realistic because I constantly analyse myself. What could I be doing better? What should I have said in that situation? Always learning, always growing. And maybe that's what keeps life interesting for me; that's what our nature is - To question. To create my own destiny by wondering "What if"? Ultimately, all roads lead to nirvana, I think.

White Chocolate knows a great little tale of a yogi & a fool ... maybe she'll be kind enough to post it here for us to ponder?

I'm in a foggy state at the moment. My son is beginning to challenge the night ... he wakes up crying out for mama. All he wants is a cuddle. Then another cuddle. Then another. I had to leave him to cry last night, which was really hard to do. But if I don't take the step now, he'll figure out how to manipulate me, and I'll never get a good night's sleep again! He is testing his world. Now, in the light of day, I can say it's admirable. He is always learning, always growing. But that's not what I'll be thinking tonight when he cries out for me. One step at a time.

It is ingrained into our ethereal beings to see what our world will give us, if we only ask. Some things will seemingly be denied, only to come to fruition long after you've requested it. Other things will be granted almost immediately. Have faith. Grow. Move on. Love and live and play with reckless abandon. All wishes are granted. If your wishes are truly what you desire. And so, if you are feeling in a slump today, remember that the difficult times are only temporary setbacks, minor obstacles to the great dreams that will become reality.

I may never be completely at peace with my life, but I know that after my life in this body is over, peace/nirvana/heaven will be waiting for me. I know I'll have the opportunity to reflect on the things I accomplished here, and that so much of what I worried about was so trivial in the great, big, infinite picture.

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