Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mentally preparing for a long long journey ...

I am feeling pretty nervous about leaving husband & the kids for a week. I am trying not to think about it. But my girl is feeling sick today, and I leave the day after tomorrow! But husband can handle it. Honestly, it would probably be easier for him if she were feeling under the weather! Whatever happens here while I'm gone will be under control.

Maybe I am too much in control. Am I feeling nervous because I have to let go a little? I am feeling sick in my stomach just writing this, so that's probably exactly what it is.

This is going to be good for me. A long trip all by myself. Then I get to help make a wedding cake!!! It is a dream of mine to work in a bakery. So I get to live it out a little. And my younger sister is getting married! It's such a wonderful thing. I really like her fiance too. He is just perfect for her. All in all, I'm expecting to have a great trip! I think I'm looking forward to the 12 hour train ride the most though. What a unique (and cheap) way to travel! I'm also looking forward to spending a little time on the beach. I love the ocean.

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