Sunday, May 27, 2012


There has been a lot of crazy energy in the air lately, and it's not just me ... I feel like I hear about overwhelming situations so often now.  People dying, naturally and unnaturally.  Strange occurrences of car accidents, illnesses, diseases, fear, pain, anxiety and dread.  It seems that no one is untouched by the energetic shift that is happening, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

I admit, I have been feeling quite dragged down myself for the last few months ... my daughter's bike accident that led to stitches and major dental work, our entire family being slammed with a flu/cold one after another (that means each of us, even me, was sick for 10 days), some really intense news about someone close to me, someone who has the Big C.  I truly hope that this bout of bad news is at least going to slow down for my family.  How strong can I be?  How much can I take? 

But perhaps the questions I am asking need to change.  How can I help?  Can I be stronger?  Can I be very patient?  What can I do?  I am not sure that I have faced so much challenge at one time.  It's almost as though I am being prepared for something.  I think this because of a factthat we are all aware of: that adversity makes us stronger. 

All I know for sure, at this moment, is that I can take my life one moment at a time.  And so I leave you with this beautiful quote:

"A lifetime is not what is between
the moments of birth and death.

A lifetime is one moment
Between my two little breaths.
The present, the here, the now,
That's all the life I get.
I live each moment in full,
In kindness, in peace, without regret."

Chade Meng, Taoist poet


  1. there is a quiet place in my heart where friends like you exist. You said rainbows were your favorite color and I always remember you feet. Odd but true. Life is not as clear and easy as it was at Yandara but I know somewhere inside there is always that peace we were seeking and found.

  2. Thank you for reminding me Leanne :o) And thank you for remembering me too. I remember how incredibly connected you seemed, and how I felt that you are a kindred spirit to me. Love Nicole

  3. Nicole, I feel the dread as well. So many accidents here just lately, ever ongoing.It does bring up fear, which is not where the focus should be, especially now.

    It sounds as if you've been through the wringer. Wish I could help. I think, as we all are, you ARE being prepared. I feel that, as well. Since I don't know what it is, I think you are very wise to take life one breath at a time. Right now, for me, everything is as it should be. Not as I think it should be, but certainly as the Universe seems to think, haha!

    I'm so sorry about your daughter and hope she feels better now. That flu was awful...both of us had it, as well.

    Spring seems to be here now, Nicole, I hope the flowers and the warm sun will cheer you. I'll be thinking of you! xx

  4. Nicole, thank you for sharing such beautiful words with us. Know this: you are an amazing human being in every sense of the word. You are strong, delicate, and beautiful. More importantly, you have many people who care a great deal about you. Take care of yourself.