Monday, April 11, 2011

Pushy Wind and the Curiosity of Bluebirds

Marathon Training has been going really well. I am finding out how strong I really am, and I can see now why so many people have been cheering me on! Running has brought out in me so many gifts I never knew I could tap into. Yesterday I was running towards a fork in the road, and was trying to decide which way to go ... straight, up the hill that goes on forever? (I should be getting those hills in) ... or turn right and take the more meandering, undulating road? All of a sudden, I got vertigo and nearly fell into the ditch. I quickly realized that I hadn't actually felt dizzy at all ~ it felt more like someone pushed me. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of my guides actually did push me, in order to get my attention. After all, I did end up choosing the more meandering route, and was richly rewarded. It seemed that every animal along the route was unapologetic in their interest in my presence. The horses in one field began trotting alongside the fence behind me. There was a lone hawk trying to get my attention, but he was bombarded by a couple of territorial crows. The hawk showed up later in my run by soaring above me and landing in a tree, where I couldn't see him. As I peered up into the trees, looking, he flew out again to land on a tree where I could take a look at him. And the most curious and interesting sight: I was running alongside a pasture and noticed a flock of small birds to the right. They were flying up and down, altogether, and at first I thought they were waxwings, as I've seen them all winter. Then they landed on the fence and all I saw were dots of blue - there must have been twenty little bluebirds! As I ran towards them, they would fly off the fence, one at a time, and would land on the far end of the fence. They followed me for a few minutes, curiously observing me. Now, I have never actually seen a bluebird, and I was completely taken by these little blue wonders! I don't know what the next year holds for me, but these little birds, for me, are the mark of the many changes that have been happening deep within me. For all I know, those birds could have been some part of me, looking at my own self and marveling at tthe differences. I am finding an inner confidence, a mental strength I was so afraid was not even there, and a physical endurance I was petrified to even attempt to make my way towards. To me, those bluebirds represent Pride in my accomplishments. I am doing so many things that I never thought I would or could do. And I am so done with limiting myself. I am a vessel for unlimited potential, and I am ready to take on more challenges. And if I can do it - You can do it. Sending out love ~ Nicole


  1. I love this..."I am a vessel for unlimited potential, and I am ready to take on more challenges."

    I am so happy you are running. I miss it so! And those bluebirds! I have never seen must have been marvellous to see so many of them. I truly believe these birds were there to "mark the many changes that have been happening deep within me"! I am so glad to hear you are tired of limiting yourself...remember even the sky might not be the limit, these days.

    I'm so very glad you feel so "up" and so ready to take on challenges and opportunities! xoxo

  2. Thank you Marion! It seems as though every time I think I've reached the peak of my potential, there's just a little further to go ... sometimes it's incredibly painful, sometimes I am my own enemy, but always I'm being asked for a little bit more.

    I so appreciate your support and encouragement ~ Nicole