Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creating Community

I have decided to answer a call I've been receiving for some time now. I am organizing a healer's gathering in my community. The vision I keep receiving is one where all energy workers in my community get together to share knowledge, energy and love. I get the feeling that this is not about showing off our talents, but more about creating a sense of community. Practicing energy work can be isolating if you don't have like minded people to share your experiences with. Being able to call someone when you need help interpreting a dream, or guidance with how to proceed with a client is so incredibly comforting.

Already, even before it's begun, people are coming to me with ideas or activities that we can practice at our get together. I can feel the energies of the attendees beginning to gather now, and it feels right! When I first started learning how to practice Reiki, we had a very solid community. A few people took turns hosting Reiki gatherings in their homes, and everyone would give and receive during those times. I wish I could carry that feeling with me wherever I go. I thought that feeling would always be there for me, but of course when I moved to another town ~ it was gone.

We all have a responsibility to create community. Whether it's a knitting club, tennis lessons, art classes, or a dirt biking association ~ Community feels good. Community is also built into the way we treat each other in common places such as the grocery store! If you smile at ten people, you're guaranteed to receive a few back in return. Giving someone that sense of acceptance is an underestimated gift, and the return on the investment of putting yourself out there is immediate. It feels good to give love.

So today, while you are putting gas in your car, or picking up bread at the store, or checking the mail, give someone your love. And when your love is reciprocated, take a moment to really feel the gratitude in your heart. We live in a beautiful place, but it's our friends, our family and our community that make it what it is.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again! Have a great day ~ Nicole


  1. Good for you for starting a new group, that is always one of the hardest parts, the starting out. I think that is is important to do though, because our old groups are so great that sometimes it is easier to just stay safe and secure in those groups and never branch out into new ones... and there is nothing wrong with having completely separate and different groups in our lives! I do wish I was as adventurous as you for finding those new groups :)

    I did know that it was the right decision for us to move once, because of the extreme lack of a community feeling (it was the validation of our decision not the reason for our decision), when I took my lovely two year old daughter grocery shopping with me one day. She said "hi" and smiled at every single person we saw in that store that day and not one person even smiled at her, much less said "hi" back... I have heard that the sense of community has returned in that town, I do hope so.

  2. Hello Nicole,

    It takes the effort of big hearted souls to make a place a welcoming community to live in or a town of strangers. Starting where you are, within a group of like minded friends is a good starting place. Good for you!

  3. It is wonderful that you are listening to your calling. There is great energy in community and this will serve all very well. Giving of you, love is the highest of all gifts.

  4. Coast: It was difficult for me to leave the town I grew up in, but the blessing lies in figuring out what you liked in one situation. Recognizing what you want in your life is so powerful, because after that, all you have to do is ask for it.

  5. Dear Miruh:

    You have been wonderful in creating community in blog-land! If we can perpetuate this energy there are no limits to the amount of love we can create.

  6. Mark: Thank you very much for your encouragement. It is comments like yours that help me to validate my reasoning!